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If you have no idea where the fish are, or how to attract them, what makes you think they’ll come to you? Go find them.

With only one hook, you’re missing an awful lot of tasty business, especially if you’re fishing in the same patch of water. Then again, if you go out and drop a lot of lines but drift with the current and don’t keep track of the location or the climate or the conditions, all you’re doing is casting a wide net and hoping for a big catch. Which you may get, but if you don’t know where the catch is coming from or why, you have very little hope of doing it again. Beacause you aren’t coordinating your efforts, and you’re not targeting and containing the catch you really want.

If you have one outfit to handle your print mailings, another to manage your website, and a run-of-the-mill online service to coordinate your email marketing, you are spreading your assets and creating confusion. You need to know what motivates consumers and businesses, because they are way too savvy these days to latch on to something that doesn’t attract them personally.

Cross-channeling narrows your message and entices the audience you really want to reach—keeping your offer fresh, interesting, and something people really want to get into.

All campaigns work differently, but the Bottom Line approach is to send out a generalized direct mail vehicle to your list that explains your products or services, and solicits basic information from them. The most important piece of information to get is the email address. By giving us this, we can then begin to multi-channel — send targeted emails, create microsites, launch narrowed-focus direct mail campaigns, heighten exposure using social media . We subsequently gauge the level of response from all of these communication methods so that we can follow up with respondents, remind those who haven’t responded, and if necessary, tweak your offer to make it more attractive.

The Bottom Line is to make connections and create an offer that simply cannot be ignored.

Numbers? We’ve got your numbers.

The U.S. median open rate for email campaigns is 2.2% and the click-thru rate is 1.4% Bottom Line Digital Communications’ cross-media marketing significantly exceeds these statistics. Here are case studies from one of our key clients, a clinical and pharmaceutical research organization: In a refer-a-friend campaign conducted through email and microsite exposure, current and former research participants referred aquaintances to the program.

Bottom Line Result: An open rate of 48.89% and a click-thru rate of 28.89%.

A gender-specific campaign was directed to current and former participants via direct mail, email and microsite to gauge their interest in upcoming research studies

Bottom Line Result: An email engagement rate of 39.53%, a 6.77% click-thru rate, plus a whopping 83.24% microsite response rate.


Together or separately, the Bottom Line of what we can do for you. Plus printing!

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