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Online PresenceMarketing Automation

Online Marketing is the careful placement of logically constructed steps to lure the customers you want and hold onto them.

If you have one outfit to handle your print mailings, another to manage your website, and a run-of-the-mill online service to coordinate your email marketing, you are stretching your assets and diluting your impact.

The experienced team at Bottom Line Digital Communications can reinforce your CRM, boost response, and accelerate your return on investment.

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Marketing Automation

Multi-channel marketing through CrossPoint narrows your message and engages the audience you really want to reach. Keeping your communications fresh, varied and attractive is the best way to gain customers, retain them, and build revenue and loyalty.

CrossPoint is a process by which we generate leads, send targeted emails, launch narrowed-focus direct mail campaigns, guide respondents to personalized micro-sites, and enhance exposure through social media promotions. After individually and collectively gauging the levels of response from all of these contact methods, we can determine which media channels work most effectively with your customer base. Once we know that, we can effectively do the detail work of following up with qualified leads, establishing a deeper bond with your contacts, and building an open pathway to notify, remind and inform them of opportunities and options that will strengthen the business-to-customer relationship.

Social Media Management

Another way to make points with your customers is through social media. Social Media Management and Advertising can help you target and reach the customers you want. Whether it is Facebook, Pinterest, or Periscope, we can fully manage your social media presence and coordinate your advertising content and placement.

Web Design

Web Design

Web design isn’t what it used to be. Creating an imaginative, wide-reaching web presence means building a cyber-showcase that seamlessly morphs from desktop to tablet to mobile, without loss of clarity or impact. It also means knowing how to position your site through search engine optimization so that your site is among the first to be seen.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing paves the way for incremental information gathering: telling people what you have, why it’s in their interest to learn more, and making onward movement simple and hassle-free.  Emails also establish regular touch-points with your customers to keep them feeling fully connected.

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