What's in a Name?

Bottom Line Digital Communications is about a lot of different printing and marketing services, all of which are geared to present you and your business in the best way possible. That’s why our logo is a bright-eyed mustachioed smile face.

Or is it?

The name “Bottom Line” has its roots in the owners’ family history. The grandmother of Phil Hemingway and Chris Hemingway Jones was a determined, opinionated, but gracious and fun-loving matriarch who was known to relatives and close friends as Tootsie. Her real name was Gladys Belmont Mitchell. As is the case with most family nicknames, things happen. “Gladys” became perverted to “Glad Ass,” a handle which oh-so-easily turned a corner and transmogrified into “Happy Bottom.”

In honor of this woman who had such an indelible influence on our lives, and because we take pride in being a family business, we named the corporation of which Bottom Line is a part “Happy Bottom, Inc.” back in 2006. When it came time to christen our digital communications business, well, “Bottom Line” just seemed a natural fit.

Needless to say, our brand has evoked discussion, and a lot of good-hearted laughs. That’s what families are all about.

And now you know the rest of the story!